What is it about nature that brings us so much joy? As you watch the growing green grass, the trees blabbing their branches, and the descending valleys dazzling in all its uniqueness, no doubts, you feel happy and a soothing relief gush down your spine.

As you retire to bed each day, you wish you can still enjoy the scenic feel of the outdoors. A comfortable sleep entails a lot. Do you wish you could experience same comfort you get when you watch the sunset and the lofty rocky hills even while you sleep?

Our premium duvet cover was produced to suit this purpose. To give you the luxury feel, soothing relief and comfort you enjoy from the rich and blissful features of nature.

Luxuriously designed to reflect the features of each region of the United States, The Scent of Wilderness collection is guaranteed to give you the same feel and make your night wishes come true.

Over the years, we have seen how many families search for a means to sleep better for less. This is not about how you sleep, but the kind of bedding you have. But not so many options abound when all you need is to cuddle up in a duvet cover that is extra soft with rich colors and patterns. We know how you just want to forget about the stress of the day and soak yourself up in a cuddling doze of cool all night long.

Have you imagined having a duvet cover that gives you just as much soothing relief and comfort that resonate with your environment?

We have decided to fill this void that many feel as they sleep, by producing a collection of high-quality duvet covers that will not just make you feel comfortable but give you the extra soothing you need all night long.

Our Collection - Scent of Wilderness

Our rich and extensive collection of 7 sets of duvet covers is specifically designed to suit the bedding needs of every woman. Each set comes from a separate region in the US. These premium duvet covers in our Scent of Wilderness collection took a lot of time, research and effort to manufacture. And what do you get in the end? A soft, durable and high-quality duvet cover at a price you won’t lose sleep over.

A One-of-a-kind Duvet Cover Designed for Each Region

The Scent of Wilderness collection is a top piece that comprises of 7 sets of duvet covers designed to reflect the uniqueness of each region in the United States, and created to meet the bedding needs of every woman that desires nothing but comfort all night long. These premium duvet covers come from these regions: Alaska, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, West, and Hawaii. Whatever region you live in, you can enjoy and feel its special features while you sleep, just the way you envision it.

Our luxuriously designed duvet covers will give you the sleep you envisioned, leaving you refreshed and brightening up your bedroom. Finding the right duvet cover for every room in the home shouldn’t be tiring. We have made it easier for you to get quality for less. We resonate with everyone that is looking for an affordable way to get quality duvet covers without searching for long. So enjoy every bit of comfort that the scent of wilderness provides and soak yourself up each night with our cuddling cool duvet.
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