Like everything in life, our products need proper handling to serve you as long as possible.

Before washing, check the product thoroughly for any defects. We will not be able to take them into account after the product has been washed or used. If you notice something unusual, don't worry - we strive to resolve every single complaint in a positive way.

Wash the bedding properly before first use. Lukewarm washing up to 105˚F (for cotton) and up to 86˚F (for silk) is recommended. Depending on the bedding, exact information can be found on the packaging. Digital printing techniques of the highest quality are used in the production of all our products. This does not exclude the possibility of damage if washed at a too high temperature.

Air drying is recommended as some tumble dryers can damage the bedding fabric after extensive usage. If you are going to tumble dry the cotton bedding, choose a program for delicate fabrics. Improper drying can cause the fabric to shrink or even damage the fabric itself. Never tumble dry the silk bedding.

Bed linen does not need to be ironed. It is prohibited for certain models such as the silk bedding. If you nevertheless decide to iron, we advise you not to place the iron directly on the bedding fabric. Protect the fabric with an additional textile coating.

Proper maintenance of our products is the key to their durability, quality and safe use. 

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance instructions or disputes, get in touch at

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